Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Pearl Jam

Hey everyone,

For all you lovers of Pearl Jam, they are doing a Canada wide tour. Check their site for details, but for those of you in Saskatchewan, they'll be in Stoon on September 7th. See you there!


Why are people so ridiculous?

Well I decided to start a second blog, my first one has some stuff in it that I'm not terribly proud of, so I figured starting fresh would be a good way to go, sorry for all those who wanted to see my frustrations from previous months, but let's put that behind us shall we?

Today's post is in regards to how a former friend has screwed me over. I used to live with this unnamed jerkoff, and when I moved out, he asked if I would keep the bills going and he would just call and switch them into his name. What I forgot about was that his old account with Sasktel was owing nearly a thousand dollars, so he had no intention of switching it from my name. Over the course of the past few months, we have become less than friends, and he decided that he would attack me in a way that I wouldn't find out about, and could ruin me for a long long time. My credit rating is now screwed, because UJ decided to stop paying these bills, he figured that I'd be the one being screwed, so it didn't matter to him whether they got paid or not. He now owes Sasktel 911.06 to be exact, and Saskpower still wants something around the 200 dollar mark, yet to be determined after they read the meter. Like I said... the bills are in my name, so as far as Sasktel knew before today, I was the negligent ass.

Now that you know the story... I must say.. I can't believe someone would be this much of a jerk. It's fine that someone out there doesn't like me, and I would honestly rather have him come and punch me in the face than to do something like this, but I guess you have to be a true asshole and a coward to pull something like this. For all of you that may be reading this out there, feel free to offer advice on this posting, or just express how much of an ass you agree that this clown is. And "UJ", if you are reading this, I want you to know that I decided to take the high road and not slander your name the way that you have done to me. Even though you screwed me over beyond all reason, I decided that someone had to take the high road in this situation, and I'd turn blue if I waited for you to go up.

Until next time,