Friday, July 08, 2005

Top Five reasons that being a Summer Student blows

First off, sorry on the delay for a new post. I had actually thought it was pointless for me to continue writing these because of the LITTLE amount of comments that I get, but I've had a few people ask me in passing if I'm going to do anymore. Word to the wise, if you enjoy this blog, give me some love with a comment here and there, anyways.....

5. Money

Let me first say, that I make more than enough money for the job that I get, HOWEVER, it really pisses me off how much these overpaid lazy ass co-workers abuse summer students. If I am going to do all of your work, you better start tossing me a tip once in awhile, I'm not your bitch. If said person asks me if I have all the work done once more (while she looks over her harlequin romance novel, get over it, your days of those kind of situations are as far past you as your size 6 waistline) I'll probably kick her in the teeth.

4. No Holidays

Just when I think I can relax after a hard year at university, I start work like 5 days afterward. I wouldn't mind so much, except that I get zero holiday out of the deal. I actually asked for a day off so I could go on a trip with a few of my buddies, and one of the snooty jerks in the office just laughed and looked through his nose at me and said "Summer students don't get holidays, you're hired to cover for me while I sit around my pool". I think for that guy I'll kick a bit lower than his teeth.

3. I don't know anything

The crappiest part is that people constantly ask me questions that I don't know the answer to. I'm sorry, but working for a big company like this going to take more than 2 WEEKS to learn every in and out of the policies. "I'm just a summer student, I dont' know anything", why the hell do you expect me to know every bloody detail.

2. Magnification.

Every time I mess up, or come in late or whatever, people get on my case a hell of a lot quicker. One co-worker of mine makes a little remark EVERY time she shows up late, that she's just doing the summer student thing. Note: I came in late once, and I was 3 minutes late because of the train". She's getting my drop kick straight in the babymaker.

1. The Jerk

Is it just me, or is it that everywhere you work there is one person that is just awful? There is one person in my office that I cannot stand. He constantly makes little remarks to me about how I don't know anything, and even goes as far as to forget my name and just call me JAC. Note: JAC is his attempt to be clever, because it stand for "Just a Clerk". Real funny loser, you'll be stuck in his crappy town in your dead end job til you retire. Good luck finding someone who'll be interested you or finding any happiness, your life is over. Honestly, I can't wait til I finish my degree, so I can come back and make this guy look like a fool... I think I'll probably really hurt this person as soon as my job term is up, because right now I have to sit back and take his garbage, but I figure on my last day I'll just take a dump on his keyboard... that'll show him.

Til Next Time,