Friday, November 18, 2005

Tucker Max

I feel it is my civic duty to point out Tucker Max's website. Though I am not a die hard fan of his, I still occasionally check his site and get some laughter out of some of the ridiculous things he does. For example, recently he posted a story about a dirty whore who after having sex with him, immediately tattoed the quote (and don't get mad at me if you're offended by language) "I fucked tucker max" on her hip. Let me ask you this random whore.... do you think you're cool? What happens when you try to get married and your boyfriend sees this? How do you think he's going to respond? I just can't believe some people are so retarded. If you want to read more about Tucker Max, or this ridiculously stupid girl (ps. she started her own blog, the site is linked from his site) then look him up, I guarantee you'll feel better about anything stupid you've ever done in your life.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

This will not be a top five list

I know I haven't written in quite awhile, and I know I keep saying I will do more writing, but be patient with me here. What I will say is that you people that keep sending spam mail on my account are pissing me off. Not only are you the only ones that actually post on my site (the rest of you can stop just reading and reply to let me know my work is appreciated, haha), but you usually take some sort of personal shot at me in the process, or just plain old annoy me. This most recent spam mail annoyed me, and I think it annoyed me most because I'm not SURE it was spam mail. Mandy, whomever you are... reveal your identity to me, because I know that my "top five things about the bar" had nothing to do with searching for Baldness on the internet. If it was someone I know they are likely just taking a shot at me, so screw you. And if it isn't someone I know, well then Mandy... I hope your hair falls out and you get genital warts.