Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Being a musician...

Here is what I've recently discovered, and feel free to agree or disagree with my statements. I maintain that being a musician is actually counter-productive to finding women. Yeah I said it.. but hear me out before you accuse me of having a pity party.

It's true that if you play a show, girls will come talk to you, or even leer at you. There is something funny about the alure of a musician for girls. I'm not sure what it is, but you can be as ugly as say.. John Lennon, and you'll still get the girl.. but in case he chose to go with Yoko.. so that's a bad example. How about Gord Downie?

But my point is, that no quality girl will come after the musician. Don't get me wrong, every time I sing at least one girl will come and express interest, however it is never the type of girl that you want. For those of you that are musicians.. do you remember being up on stage and locking eyes with that beautiful brunette in the front row, or watching the blond in the back blush when you catch her eye? Why is it that when you go to find said girl after you're done that she ends up leaving with someone else, or worse yet, sends her annoying friend to come talk to you and figures "he seems like a wonderful guy, I bet he doesn't care about looks... or personality... or back hair". Here is the real explicit truth ladies. We want the brunette in the front row, or the blond in the back, we don't want your annoying friend that is single for a very obvious reason.

Myself personally, I find myself in a perpetual state of meeting seemingly wonderful girls, soon to find out that there is a reason they so quickly approaced you. She more than likely jumped at the opportunity to talk to you because she knows that she isn't the one you're approaching, and wants to at least get a date, or a coffee with you before you discover the reason that they so quickly approached you.

Call me bitter, call me jaded.. and yes those things may be true, but I speak the truth, and I defy anyone to disagree. Of course, I'm sure there will be many and I'll gladly listen to your opinions.. but the bottom line is, you're wrong. The good girls never fall for the "bad boy" anymore, which has made me think I should consider being an avid concert goer, and I'll sit in the back, watching who the musicians are locking eyes with, and laugh as the annoying girls approach him while I steal the girl in the front row...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I have a story to tell.. and it's about Impark

For those of you like me who have ever paid an Impark ticket in the past.. do not ever consider doing this again. This is the simple procedure to follow.

1. Wait until they send a letter.. and ignore it
2. Wait til the letter comes from the collections agency, and call them, tell them that you didn't receive the ticket and if they don't stop calling your house you will take them to court, because here are a few laws I was unaware of until today.
- you cannot call someone more than 3 times a day if you are a company
More importantly: you cannot call someone more than 3 times a week if you are a company.
which means.. they cannot legally call you enough to bother you, if they exceed that limit, threaten them with court action, and then they will take your name off the list. They did not call me that many times, but I said they did and they believe me.. because they do NOT have time to look up one claim when it's only a 30 dollar ticket.. they have thousands if not millions of outstanding tickets just waiting to be paid by people who don't know this is a scam. Yes they are a legitimate company, but they don't have any legal authority at all. In fact, in order to take any kind of action regarding towing your car, they have to get permission from the city your car was ticketed in, and again.. they will not bother, a rep from the company told me this himself on the phone today. Also, they do NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO MAKE ANY ADJUSTMENTS TO YOUR CREDIT RATING. DO NOT LET THEM SCARE YOU. The rep from the collections company assured me today that they cannot make any adjustments to your rating, so disregard anything you get from Impark.

I called the Collections agency about this ticket that I apparantly had to pay today and when I asked to speak to the manager of the first agent, he told me to "fuck off" and he hung up on me. I immediately called back and got a different agent that then appologized for his colleagues actions and took my name off their list. He told me that any further action would have to be done by Impark, and that they will not bother me again as they do not care anymore beyond sending it to collections. He literally said "don't worry about them, they are one of our clients, but they won't call you again and we won't bother you again from our end".

Case closed.. Impark is a joke. I think I'm going to purposely park in their lot from now on and laugh my way into the guiness book of world records for oustanding parking tickets.. cause according to their own collections agency, they won't do anything about it anyway.