Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I have a story to tell.. and it's about Impark

For those of you like me who have ever paid an Impark ticket in the past.. do not ever consider doing this again. This is the simple procedure to follow.

1. Wait until they send a letter.. and ignore it
2. Wait til the letter comes from the collections agency, and call them, tell them that you didn't receive the ticket and if they don't stop calling your house you will take them to court, because here are a few laws I was unaware of until today.
- you cannot call someone more than 3 times a day if you are a company
More importantly: you cannot call someone more than 3 times a week if you are a company.
which means.. they cannot legally call you enough to bother you, if they exceed that limit, threaten them with court action, and then they will take your name off the list. They did not call me that many times, but I said they did and they believe me.. because they do NOT have time to look up one claim when it's only a 30 dollar ticket.. they have thousands if not millions of outstanding tickets just waiting to be paid by people who don't know this is a scam. Yes they are a legitimate company, but they don't have any legal authority at all. In fact, in order to take any kind of action regarding towing your car, they have to get permission from the city your car was ticketed in, and again.. they will not bother, a rep from the company told me this himself on the phone today. Also, they do NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO MAKE ANY ADJUSTMENTS TO YOUR CREDIT RATING. DO NOT LET THEM SCARE YOU. The rep from the collections company assured me today that they cannot make any adjustments to your rating, so disregard anything you get from Impark.

I called the Collections agency about this ticket that I apparantly had to pay today and when I asked to speak to the manager of the first agent, he told me to "fuck off" and he hung up on me. I immediately called back and got a different agent that then appologized for his colleagues actions and took my name off their list. He told me that any further action would have to be done by Impark, and that they will not bother me again as they do not care anymore beyond sending it to collections. He literally said "don't worry about them, they are one of our clients, but they won't call you again and we won't bother you again from our end".

Case closed.. Impark is a joke. I think I'm going to purposely park in their lot from now on and laugh my way into the guiness book of world records for oustanding parking tickets.. cause according to their own collections agency, they won't do anything about it anyway.


At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a case of a little knowledge being a "bad thing".

You can try out your plan however be advised that collection methods are governed by the province or state, and not by the federal gov. this means each has their own set of rules. Some can call once a day every day, that would bother me.

While I am sure your suggestion regarding how far Impark would go for one $30.00 ticket is correct, I would also think that in the event one builds up a significant amount of tickets would be an attractive civil case for them.

Good luck

At 8:04 PM, Blogger b00erns said...

Anonymous is gay. I think you're plan sounds like a doozie. When i was 12, my dad did the same thing at a Trifon's parking lot. My Uncle told him not to pay it because even though Impark uses a collection agency, they don't report to Equifax, which is the company that ACTUALLY provides your credit rating. The worst they can do is find you parked on their lot; realize you owe them loads of money and tow your car. In order to get your car back you have to pay all your tickets. That's worst case scenario. My Uncle claims he has hundreds of tickets from them that he's never paid. Impark is a joke.

At 8:18 PM, Blogger Hendy said...

You have a point anonymous, however I choose to ignorantly try and screw the system until I get caught. It's my right as a jackass to do so until told otherwise.. and I intend to exercise that right

At 5:55 PM, Anonymous 2fnlo said...

If you park in an Impark parking lot, and have outstanfing tickets, your car gets towed, at your expense I might add.

Nice thought though.

At 5:56 PM, Anonymous 2fnlo said...

I should add having your car towed isn't a huge expense, however it is highly inconvenient and unless you drive a 1982 Toyota Corolla I suggest not paying the ticket, and never parking in an Impark parking lot again.

At 12:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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At 5:36 AM, Anonymous jack said...

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At 8:19 AM, Blogger Tara Gorecki said...

So went to see the movie "Epic" with the kids and my dad. We parked in the Impark lot in Saskatoon beside the Cineplex where we noticed all the pay booths were covered in garbage bags, so we figured we didn't have to pay just like all the people at the parking meters on the street. Since there was NO sign or any barricade indicating we shouldn't park there, we did, as did a number of other people. After the movie we came out to find EVERY single person got a ticket for $65!! Lots of pissed off people who pulled out their phones to video tape this scam!!! Tomorrow city hall and the Star Phoenix paper is going to hear about this, don't think any judge in small claims will let this fly. $50 for the movie and $65 ticket after? now THAT was Epic!!

At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I usually jam chewing gum into the coin slot and then leave a note saying the machine isnt accepting change and i dont have a credit card...never got a ticket and save other drivers lots of great

At 6:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so are you all saying don't pay my ticket from impark for 80.00 ?


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